Cape of Good Hope



Johann Rupert sponsors the Old Vine Project

In 2016, Johann Rupert agreed to sponsor the Old Vine Project and André Morgenthal and Jaco Engelbrecht were appointed after both having been informally involved with the project for some years.


Cape of Good Hope is launched

The “Cape of Good Hope” project tells a story of our land, culture and history through the vinification of some of the oldest vines in the Western Cape.


The Search for Old Vines Begins

In 2006, Johann Rupert initiated the search for all vineyards in South Africa older than 35 years. Traditionally the South African wine industry depended on tonnage, meaning that the lower yields of older vines dictated them to be removed. What was left was some pretty spectacular pockets of vines tended by people who either kept them out of sentiment or foresight. Old vine wine guaranteeing intensity, texture and a real sense of place. Preserving them is an act of social responsibility toward South African wine and the people who invested in them despite the odds.

Discover the Vineyards

The vineyards selected for the Cape of Good Hope range represent some of the oldest vines in the country, lovingly tended to produce only the finest reflection of their terroir. These vines are a reflection of a countrywide search that was to spark a worldwide movement.

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